Federal<br/>Passenger Company Annual Report

Main Events in 2013

Promotion of new services

  • Re-design of the client’s section of the JSC RZD website — a simplified procedure for the purchase and return of e-tickets; an English version is now open for the purchase of rail tickets.
  • Automatic registration now in operation when purchasing an e-ticket on the JSC RZD website.
  • The share of e-ticket sales reached 19% of total sales, amounting to 22.6 million tickets.
  • Launch of a new JSC FPC service № 145/146 ‘Ingushetia’, running Moscow — Nazran (January). This route has been made possible following an agreement between JSC FPC and the Government of the Republic of Ingushetia. Under the terms of the agreement, the region is liable to compensate any losses incurred by JSC FPC in the route’s organisation. A team of train conductors from the Republic of Ingushetia is now ready. The train’s advantages include tickets at an affordable price and convenient departure and arrival times at destination.
  • Launch of a new daily Moscow — Yaroslavl service (February). The train replaced the 800-series JSC FPC trains (electric multiple-units) which operated on this route until the end of January 2013. The new train has enhanced passenger comfort and has made it possible to offer a wider range of services.
  • Launch of JSC FPC service № 46/45, running Moscow — Voronezh (April). Dynamic pricing system in operation when pricing fares in the compartment, sleeper and ‘luxury’ carriages.
  • Launch of JSC FPC service № 9/10, running from Moscow-Bryansk (June). The service is in high demand from passengers due to its high levels of comfort and speed. The journey time from Moscow — Bryansk is 4 hrs 50 mins and 4 hrs 29 mins Bryansk-Moscow.
  • Launch of a new transportation service for passengers’ vehicles in the train № 29/30 Moscow — Saint Petersburg (June). The vehicle carriage is incorporated into the body of the train according to requests received in advance and can accommodate 3-5 vehicles, depending on their size.
  • Opening of the passenger train depot at Mineralnye Vody, following extensive refurbishment and reconstruction, creating a single repair base for the company’s new double-decker rolling stock. The depot’s new design capacity is 4 times higher than previously, making it the largest depot in Russia. The total number of staff has doubled (Mineralnye Vody, August).
  • Introduction of double-decker railway vehicles in 6 cities: Moscow, Ryazan, Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar and Sochi (August-September).
  • Introduction and maiden departure of the double-decker JSC FPC passenger train № 104/103 Moscow — Adler (Moscow, November). Passengers using this new service will benefit from convenient timetable times and quick journey times. Fares in the compartment and sleeper carriages have been cut due to the increased amount of seating available in the carriages. The doubledecker carriages have been produced using the latest technology, equipment and materials.

International activity

  • Presentation of ‘Luxury’ class and ‘Sleeper’ carriages on train № 23/24, Moscow — Paris (April, Strasbourg). Representatives from JSC FPC, French railways, the Mayor of Strasbourg and the Consul General of the Russian Federation in Strasbourg attended the event. Tours around the carriages at the station in Strasbourg were available as well as various cultural entertainment on the platform.
  • 41st meeting session of Ministers of the Organisation for Cooperation between Railways (OSJD) (June, Tallinn). JSC FPC was awarded OSJD observer status, implying that the company’s interests can be represented at meetings of OSJD working bodies, strengthening JSC FPC’s position on the international transport services market
  • Cooperation agreement signed between JSC FPC and the ferry companies Finnlines Plc. and Tallink Silja (May). These companies have awarded JSC FPC exclusive tariffs for the transportation of cars, offering passengers an extensive range of ‘traintrain’ and ‘train-ferry’ car packages when booking tickets.
  • The international seminar ‘Organising the sale of travel documents in response to the development of new sales technology’ (April, Kazan), attended by representatives of the transport, tourism and IT communities. The seminar will be staged on an annual basis at a JSC FPC venue, under the authority of the OSJD.

In-house corporate professional events

  • Ticket cashiers’ contest (February, Nizhny Novgorod).
  • First All-Russian meeting of JSC FPC passenger train managers (March, Yaroslavl).
  • Carriage inspectors contest (May, Chelyabinsk).
  • All-Russian professional skills competition for passenger train conductors (September, Kazan).
  • Train crew staff competition (over the year). In 2013, to promote train crew staff interest in passenger service, the ‘First of the Best’ badge scheme was set up, as a symbol of the conductors’ hospitality to the passengers. The badge will be awarded to the staff of one team who took first place in the train crew staff competitions, based on the year’s results.

Activities and measures to improve company image

  • 2013 Passenger Forum (March, Moscow). JSC FPC participated in the forum as a title sponsor. Representatives from the transport industry and federal media services attended the forum. The event discussed the strategic development of passenger transport services.
  • A round table involving representatives from JSC FPC, JSC RZD Tour and member tour operators of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (June, Moscow).
  • IV International Exhibition of Technology and Equipment, EXPO 1520 (Shcherbinka, September).
  • Departure of a Moscow-Bryansk memorial train, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Bryansk’s liberation from the Nazi invaders (Moscow, September). The event was attended by representatives from the Bryansk Oblast Administration, veterans of the Great Patriotic War and veteran home front workers.
  • 19th International Tourism Exhibition ‘Otdykh Leisure’ (Moscow, September).
  • Annual International Tourism Exhibition IFTM Top Resa (Paris, September).
  • Passenger Day (December). Ceremonies, promotions, competitions and concerts were staged at rail network stations.

Corporate governance

  • Additional issuing of shares initiated, totalling RUB 5 billion at face value, which were acquired by JSC RZD.
  • Staging of the annual and five extraordinary General Shareholders Meetings — election of the management board, regulatory and audit authorities, approval of annual reporting, distribution of net profit and amendments to the company’s Articles of Association.