Federal<br/>Passenger Company Annual Report


Carriage Km Work an indicator reflecting the volume of work performed, taking into account the distance travelled by carriages as part of the train.
RIC Class Carriage “Reglamento Internazionale delle Carrozze” passenger cars which meet the UIC’s requirements and which are designed for use in European countries and members of the UIC on narrow gauge 1435 mm track.
Falling Carrier Revenue loss of carrier revenue resulting in state regulation of transport rates for passengers in second-class and general long-distance trains.
Global Prices rate for the transportation of passengers in international trains, including the cost of the “ticket” and “reserved seat.”
Cargo objects received in the prescribed manner from a physical person or a legal entity for transportation in passenger, postal-freight or passenger-freight trains.
Deregulated Segment a segment which provides for passenger transport in SC or Compartment carriages as well as international passenger traffic. Rates in these segments are set by JSC FPC.
Infrastructure of the JSC FPC the complex of technologies which includes the public railroad and other structures; railway stations; power supply devices; communication networks; centralisation, blocking and alarm systems; information systems and systems of traffic management and which ensure the functionality of this complex of buildings, structures, devices and equipment.
UIC International Union of Railways.
Multimodal Transportation the transport of freight, passengers and baggage carried out by two or more modes of transport. As a rule, multimodal transport is implemented on the basis of a single transport document drawn up for the entire route.
OSZD Organisation for the Cooperation of Railways
Passenger Turnover an indicator reflecting the volume of passenger transport in passenger-kilometres calculated as the product of the number of passengers and average distance travelled.
Loyalty Programme the RZD-Bonus program, which grants passengers the chance to build up points for completed journeys in JSC FPC trains and exchange them for bonus trips.
Accidents Accidents and crashes which result in the death or serious bodily harm of people or damage to the railway rolling stock requiring thorough reconstruction.
Regulated Segment a segment which provides for passenger transport in reserved seats and general carriages and for the transport of baggage and cargo in domestic services. Rates in these segments are set by the Federal Rate Service of Russia.
Events light collisions of trains with no consequences.
AC air conditioning systems.
CIT International Rail Transport Committee.
ECTS ecologically clean toilet systems.