Federal<br/>Passenger Company Annual Report

Company History Pre-2013

December 2009

The JSC Federal Passenger Company was formed on the basis of JSC RZD earmarked assets

April 2010

JSC FPC began operating as an independent carrier. The company was recognised as a natural monopoly (Russian Federal Tariff Service Order No. 190-T, of May 27 2010).


Moscow-Nice luxury trans-European route launched(Minsk, Warsaw, Vienna, Verona, Milan, Genoa and Monaco)

October 2010

The new tariff guidelines reflected infrastructure, locomotive, station and railcar tariff components for the first time

June 2011

Electronic registration service first provided to passengers


  • 10 millionth ticket purchased via Internet
  • New Moscow-Paris route launched

May 2012

The company began the sale of tickets on credit

June 2012

  • The E-ticket truly became electronic – changes were made to the transaction management procedure for the sale of e-tickets and the audit coupon became an official registrable form
  • JSC FPC strategy approved until 2030
  • Launch of the passenger loyalty scheme – RZD-Bonus

November 2012

  • Passengers on the Moscow-Helsinki route were able to take their vehicle with them in special vehicle rail carriages
  • JSC FPC was awarded the title of the National Award ‘Company of the Year 2012’, according to the media agency RosBusinessConsulting

JSC FPC Peer Companies


4,548 million Euros

total revenue

114 million people

No. of passengers transported

80,415 No. of staff

JSC FPC’s business activity features a complete range of business processes: acquisitions, rolling stock maintenance and repair, sales organisation, collection of revenue, management and administration, and IT and communications. JSC FPC has 16 subsidiary companies and an extensive network of depots, railcar sites and facilities and staff supporting all the company’s business processes.

Amtrak (USA)

1,525 million Euros

total revenue

31 million people

No. of passengers transported

20,000 No. of staff

Amtrak’s business includes all types of business processes associated with the organisation of transportation and haulage, including repair deports and facilities in 12 states of the USA. The company also manages all its railroad engines and sections of the high-speed passenger transport infrastructure in the North-East transport corridor.

DB Bahn Long Distance (Germany)

3,982 million Euros

total revenue

131 million people

No. of passengers transported

15,947 No. of staff

DB Bahn Long Distance is a business unit and set of companies within the Deutsche Bahn Group; it includes several transportation and haulage companies, which are extensive in terms of geographic reach and which cover a range of different business activities (day / night trains, tourism, in-train catering services and sales and marketing). DB Services (26,375 staff) is another set of companies within the Deutsche Bahn Group, responsible for the repair, servicing and maintenance of rolling stock, as well as IT and communications.

SNCF Voyages (France)

7,500 million Euros

total revenue

128 million people

No. of passengers transported

24,764All data are provided for 2012 but SNCF Voyages (2013). No. of staff

Voyages is a business unit of the company SNCF. The company consists of several companies that provide rail and bus services and transportation in Europe, as well as specialised companies that provide sales, CRM, IT solutions and management of company hauling stock. Repair and maintenance work is not covered by this business unit, but by the company Masteris, which serves other SNCF business holdings and third-party clients across Europe (39 repair and maintenance depots, 24,000 staff).