Federal<br/>Passenger Company Annual Report


Passenger transport tariffs on domestic routes on long-distance trains are determined according to the train category, carriage type and journey distance.

Tariffs are made up of four components: infrastructure, locomotive, station and carriage.

Passenger tariffs regulation in the second-class sleeper and standard carriages is state controlled by the Federal Tariff Service of Russia (FTS Russia).

Passenger tariffs for the second-class sleeper and standard carriages are set as low as possible for social and political reasons. Every year, compensation for any shortfall in income, as a result of state tariff regulation, is provided for in the federal budget to ensure that all operators break-even.

Tariffs are set independently at an economically-viable level, for passenger services in the JSC FPC Luxury, sleeper and compartment carriages.

The flexible amendments to tariffs (dynamic pricing system) in the compartment carriages, the sleeper carriages and the Luxury class carriages represent the main potential for the growth in the company’s revenue receipts in the deregulated transport segment. Further detailed information on the company’s measures to consolidate and expand its position on the long-distance passenger transport services market can be accessed in the section Company Strategy.

Passenger tariff structure by component