Federal<br/>Passenger Company Annual Report


In 2013, 395 cars were bought as part of the investment program. 1,479 rolling stock units were removed from the inventory over the same period.

This reduction in the car fleet size is necessary to bring it in line with the volume of service provided and employ the unused capacity of the existing fleet through improved efficiency.

Changes in car fleet structure, cars

Car type Fleet as of 31.12.2012 Purchased Retired Fleet as of 31.12.2013 Average age as of 31.12.2013, in years Underwent overhaul in 2013
Lounge 1,319 88 70 1,337 18,6
Sleeper 10,534 59 389 10,204 18,1 4
Non-compartment 9,377 169 691 8,855 18,9 4
Interregional 611 66 13 664 14,6
Dining 909 13 68 854 25,1 1
Baggage 590 248 342 20,3
Other 38 38 26,7
Total 23,378 395 1,479 22,294 18,7 9

Asset structure as of December 31, 2013, RUB billion.

No. Assets Book value
1 Real estates 31.7
2 Land 0.2
3 Cars 135.0
4 Other movable assets 8.7
5 Intangible assets 0.9
Total 176.6

Organisational Structure

Central car facility
Regional branches (
16 branchesThe Kaliningrad branch of JSC FPC is going to be closed down in 2014
39 passenger car depots
35 car facilities
15 railway agencies
2 baggage service directorates
1 catering directorate

Subsidiaries and Affiliates

Napitki TransServis LLC

Wholesale alcohol and non-alcohol beverage sales (including beer)

LLC Napitki TransServis is a subsidiary of JSC FPC (the Company’s stake is 51%) established with the aim of building a new system of beverage service on board trains to provide passengers with a standard range of high-quality beverages.

The core activity of LLC NTS is delivery of alcohol and non-alcohol beverages to:

  • JCS FPC’s dining cars
  • Train attendant supply points in the branches of JSC FPC
  • Independent operators
  • On-board service operators working with Sapsan high-speed trains

Travel Tour LLC

Tourism services in the Russian Federation and abroad to citizens of the Russian Federation and foreigners, hotel services

Travel Tour group of companies is a travel holding whose core business is to organize and promote railway tourism. The holding includes LLC Travel Tour, LLC RZD Tour and LLC RTC. In 2013, it was decided to rename LLC RZD Travel to LLC Travel Tour and LLC RZD Tour Corporate to LLC RTC.

The core activities of Travel Tour group of companies include:

  • Dealing with travel operators
  • Dealing with travel agents
  • Group and individual tourism
  • Corporate services

JSC FPC-Logistics

Rail freight transport, freight carriage

JSC FPC Logistics is a subsidiary of JSC FPC (the Company’s stake is 54%) established to monetize baggage carriage services.

The core activities of JSC FPC-Logistics include:

  • Baggage carriage
  • Baggage forwarding
  • Сar lease